Carol Lopez, MA

Medical Department Manager

I run all of the medical operations on a daily basis. Here at The River Source we have MD’s, NMD’s, RN’s, NP’s, MA’s, and other key staff that provide medical services to our clients. Our clients come to us with little hope, they often struggle to even comprehend what it’s like to feel normal. It is our daily mission to ensure that they receive the best and most comfortable detox experience possible. Every client we help, means that we are repairing a broken family, healing wounds of the past, and positively impacting our community. Treatment is not just a medical service, we are treating the mind and spirit of our patients as well.

I like to see the transformation of my patients. My patients arrive with psychiatric and medical conditions that cause them to feel hopeless, it motivates me when I am able help facilitate their healing and watch them begin to put their lives back together. My team provides clients with the services and treatments they need to be successful. Watching clients go from a state of brokenness to wholeness brings me great joy.

My family is my life. I love watching my son play college basketball. I love spending time with my youngest son. My daughter is becoming the best person she can be and I am so proud. My dogs, Cooper and Luna, are my life. Family is everything to me and I always make sure to take time to nurture these relationships on a daily basis.