Interested in attending one of our addiction treatment programs, but looking for more information? You’ve come to the right place. Read more below for some of our most frequently asked questions. If we didn’t answer your question below, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help guide you through this difficult time.

The River Source FAQs Below:

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, contact MLend Finance for more information. When applying, specify whether you will be attending the Mesa or Arizona City facility. or call Toll Free: 888-474-6231

What is your success rate?

In 2014 we had a Success Rate of 82%
Success rates are figured in many ways. At The River Source, our success rate tends to be higher than average due to our focus on healing the whole person rather than just the stopping of the substance abuse. We guide our patients through the holistic 12-step approach and help them create a Continuing Care plan designed to make their recovery the # 1 priority. We maintain contact with our patients for up to a year following transition and offer suggestions where needed. A very large percentage of our patients maintain their sobriety as long as they continue to work a program of recovery. As with any treatment program, there are those who are not ‘ready’ to change. In these situations, provided our patients have successfully transitioned from our program, there are discounted rates to return to The River Source. In addition, our 90 day inpatient or Full Continuum of Care guarantee means that there is absolutely no additional treatment cost to return to The River Source for a 30 day individualized recovery treatment plan.

Do you offer a guarantee?

At River Source, we believe in what we do and we believe in you. Together, we know our program can work for you. In fact, we guarantee it. Our program is tested and proven. We know it changes lives for the better. We know it works and we know it can work for you. Commit to your recovery at The River Source for our three-month inpatient program or our full continuum of care program and we will guarantee our results.

Here’s how: If you complete our 90 day treatment program or complete our full continuum of care (all fees must be paid in full for private pay or collected in full for insurance pay) and you relapse for ANY reason within 12 months from the date you leave our center, you may come back for an appropriate, individualized treatment program at NO COST! If by chance you relapse, all you need to do is tell us you are returning and we will be willing and ready to help you. We do not cover transportation costs. Why do we offer this guarantee? Because we know our program REALLY WORKS and we are willing to stand by it. Make a commitment to your recovery and we will too. Call Us Toll Free Now at and ask about the River Source Treatment Center’s GUARANTEED 3-MONTH REHAB OPTION!

What is the admission process?

5 easy steps:

  1. You contact us via the phone number at the top of this page (we are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week).
  2. We conduct a pre-admission assessment to ensure that we are the right fit for you or your loved one.
  3. We make arrangements for you or your loved one to admit (we can do same day admits and airport pick-ups).
  4. Once at our treatment center, we do the admission paperwork which usually takes less than one hour.
  5. We start the treatment plan and a process for you or your loved one to have a better life!

Does the River Source accept insurance?

Yes, we are now accepting most insurance companies. Please call us for more information.

Can friends and family visit me?

For the first week, our patients need to concentrate on their recovery with limited outside distractions. However, family members may contact staff to get updates on patient’s progress, if the patient has signed the appropriate ‘release of information’ papers. After seven days (ten days for returning patients), patients are allowed visitors Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. For those visiting from out of state, there are hotel accommodations nearby that many of our patients’ family members use when visiting their loved ones.

Can I bring a cell phone/laptop?

Yes. However, during the first week, patients will not have access to his/her cell phone/laptop. After the first seven days (ten days for returning patients), the patient may be able to use his/her cellphone/laptop during the hours of 4:30pm to 6pm Arizona time daily. Use of phones and laptops shall be at the discretion of The River Source staff.

Should I bring money?

Yes you may, but it is not required. Meals are provided as well as some snacks, but patients are responsible for any extra snacks they might want to enjoy. Patients are also responsible for toiletries and any personal needs they may have.

What type of clothes should I bring?

Bring comfortable, weather appropriate clothes and shoes. There are exercise activities, hikes and yoga – so you will want to bring appropriate attire. Please bring only five to seven changes of clothes. You are allotted both dresser and closet space. Bring what fits in one suitcase plus one small bag. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

How does the Dry Sauna and Vitamin IV therapy help?

Sauna Detox – helps to get the toxins or “bad stuff” out of your body and the Nutritional IV therapy puts the “good stuff” back into your body. That’s why our combination of Sauna Detox and Nutritional IV Therapy is a winning combination that makes sense and works. You may want to bring a swimsuit (modest) for the sauna .

Are there laundry services at the facility?

Yes. Washing machines, dryers, and laundry detergent are provided at no additional cost.

Can I smoke at the facility?

Yes, patients may smoke in designated areas only. All cigarettes brought onto the premises must be in sealed packs or cartons.

What is my room like?

We offer semi private rooms with twin sized beds. Linens are provided by the facility, but you may want to bring your favorite pillow.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, we want our patients to feel connected and not live in isolation.

Can I lose my privileges?

Yes, patients may not earn privileges such as phones, lap-tops and visitation based on the patient’s lack of progress in the treatment program and or behavior issues. This step is sometimes necessary to redirect a patient to focus on his/her recovery.

Do you provide family counseling sessions?

Yes, we do provide family counseling and it is very important to the treatment process. We have family counseling sessions that are facilitated by one of our licensed counselors. We have two types of family counseling. The first is face to face counseling sessions with family members or loved ones. The second is via the phone for family members or loved ones that are out of state. Many family members cannot fly to our center as often as they would like so we offer family sessions via the phone. We welcome family involvement as much is possible. We will work with your schedule to accommodate the best opportunity for family counseling sessions.

What does holistic mean?

In simple terms, holistic refers to the whole – or complete – system. Rather than focusing on just the physical body, or just the mind, or just the spirit, holistic treatment centers, like The River Source, emphasize treating the whole human being – mind, body, and spirit.

What does naturopathic mean?

Naturopathy is founded on the premise that people are naturally healthy, and that healing can occur through removing obstacles to a cure and by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. The foundations of health in natural medicine are diet, nutrition, homeopathy, physical manipulation, stress management, and exercise. Naturopathic medical doctors believe in treating the “whole person” (mind, body, spirit) and emphasize preventative care. Naturopaths often recommend changes in diet and lifestyle to enhance health.

How many days does The River Source recommend for treatment?

Everyone’s situation is different, and individuals respond to treatment differently. Our average length of stay is 60 days, but we have many residents here for 30 and 90 days as well.

Is there a Transition Criteria?

In order to successfully obtain Transition Status from The River Source, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  1. Completion of all 12-Steps through the 12-Step Workshop. Your 12-step workshop sponsor must verify completion.
  2. Completion and presentation of Steps 1, 2, and 3 in Step Group.
  3. Successful completion of a minimum of 30 days treatment at The River Source. (60 and 90 days stays are recommended)
  4. Patient must successfully complete ALL written assignments by Counselor.
  5. Completion of your Continiuing Care Plan with Counselor signature of approval.
  6. Patient cannot be on restriction for non-compliance, breaking House Rules or failure to follow Policy & Procedures.