Garrett Kitchens

Director of Marketing

My role within the company is to make sure that our program is visible to those in need. My objective is to make our services ready and available to anyone who needs substance abuse services — from a client searching out treatment for themselves, to a medical or clinical professional that needs resources for one of their patients, and for the mom or dad making phone calls on behalf of a loved one; all of these situations depend on a treatment center that is ready to answer the call in that fleeting moment when the person struggling is finally willing to get help. With so many different types of treatment available, I ensure that my team is ready to help every caller find the placement they need according to their individual situation.

As an alumni of The River Source, and someone who has struggled with addiction, I know how important it is to find the right program and to remain engaged in that program for a substantial amount of time in order to gain real lifetime sobriety. I graduated The River Source in December of 2015 and began my employment here when I achieved one year of sobriety in December of 2016. I started out as a program tech working directly with clients and since then I have worked on the admissions phone, doing intakes, managing the admissions department, and now directing the marketing efforts for The River Source. This job allows my personal and professional goals to align, giving me the ability to both provide for my family and assist in getting services to a population that I deeply empathize with.

Recovery has helped me to create the life that I had always wanted. I can be present for my family and they can depend on me. I have been able to start a family of my own and challenge myself to be a better father and partner today than I was yesterday. I also get to surround myself with other members of the recovery community and stay connected to something bigger than myself.