Patient Confidentiality

Under both Arizona State, and U.S. Federal laws The River Source Treatment Center is obligated to ensure our patients legal right to confidentiality while undergoing treatment at our facility. All of our caring staff members are committed to safeguarding your stay at The River Source Treatment Center so as to ensure your emotional and mental comfort levels of a safe and secure environment in which to recover.

All of our staff will work hard to supply the needed protection each of our patients entrusts us with regarding their privacy. The River Source Treatment Center staff members recognize that it is our obligation to tend to the emotional and mental comfort you will find when you trust us with your personal confidentiality.

At no time would we take any such action that would in any way jeopardize the mental comfort that you will enjoy throughout your stay at The River Source Treatment Center. We develop and maintain a mutual level of trust that we know to be paramount to your ability to trust and recover in a safe place. Our entire purpose is to be here to support and guide you on your path back to health from drug and alcohol addiction.

We will at no time confirm, nor deny the presence of any patient at our facility, nor give status over the phone, e-mail, mail, or fax of a patient’s health or recovery status without a prior written notification from the patients to release any such information to a loved one, or required party.

National HIPAA patient privacy laws forbid any such verification or denial of a patient’s presence to anyone other than the individuals listed in writing by the patient’s authorization. However, in regard to the information provided us on the internet we are unable to confirm that any such data cannot be considered to be 100% secure beyond any attempts by parties who illegally try to obtain such information. While The River Source Treatment Center does employ the most up to date and protective security technology to safeguard your information we are unable to guarantee absolute certainty of said information provided.

The national HIPAA Privacy Rule recognizes a set of standards that were created to protect an individual’s personal health and medical records. This Privacy Rule applies to all health plans, facilities, and health care cleaning houses as well as healthcare providers who employ electronic healthcare transactions.

The covered organizations and entities are required to implement all necessary and appropriate precautions to act as safeguards for the privacy and protection of the personal health records and set limits and conditions for the disclosure and use of this information without first obtaining proper patient consent. Further, the Privacy Rule bestows the patient with the rights to their personal health records and information, including the continued right to review, receive a copy, or request corrections of all of their personal health information compiled.

The River Source Treatment Center may disclose personal information provided when acting in good faith with law enforcement, or if the law requires it, as well as to protect the property or rights of The River Source Treatment Center and its subsidiaries. For further information please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Last Updated: October 8, 2018