Our Mission

We are committed to serve our patients, their family members and loved ones through understanding, dedication, and teamwork in a professional, responsive and consistent manner.

Our Vision

To improve the holistic health of our patients so they may live a life in recovery, free from chemical dependency. At The River Source,  “Values” Make the Difference!

Our Values

V = Very Service Oriented – We will anticipate and participate in the needs of our patients, and deliver services that make The River Source a healing/wellness place to recover and work.
A = Assume Responsibility – We will be personally involved in the improvement and maintenance of our Treatment Center and the Community.
L = Look for Improvement – We seek new ideas and innovation by encouraging responsible risk-taking and initiative.
U = Use Open Communication – We encourage open and honest communication both within the organization and within our community.
E = Everyone Counts – We recognize the value of diversity in our community and everyone’s involvement can make a positive difference.

S = Support Team River Source – We are qualified, skilled employees! We get the job done in the most efficient, effective, economical, and ethical way possible.

If you or a loved one is looking for treatment for any type of substance abuse, please call NOW.