Chandler Drug Rehab

Who We Are

The River Source of Arizona, serving the Chandler and surrounding areas, is a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center focused on healing the whole person. Featuring a truly unique, holistic approach, we have guided countless individuals to break free of the chains of addictive patterns. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we invite you to this home of refuge to experience total healing from within. Our warm and welcoming staff of professionals will treat you with the highest levels of compassion, respect and confidentiality. We offer you a clean, comfortable and calm environment during your treatment.

How We Can Help

Anxiety and depression may be the cause or the effect of any addiction. We aim to get to the root of the problem by helping you identify any underlying issues which may be contributing to your condition. For example, situations involving abuse, codependency or post-traumatic stress disorder are sometimes to blame. We also assist individuals who are undergoing pain management issues. Perhaps you have undergone treatment for an addiction before and have found yourself relapsing at a later point in life. Our team will work with you to break these frustrating cycles of addiction.

Healing Holistically

The River Source customizes a treatment program specifically tailored to your individual situation. We work with you to find the root cause of your problem as we guide you through our specialized 12-step holistic program. By integrating naturopathic treatments with traditional medicine, we lead you down the path of recovery. For example, we purify your body through our Sauna Detox treatment and then nourish it through Nutritional IV Therapy. We offer a variety of physical activities such as swimming, hiking and exercise classes. It is our goal to enrich and strengthen your mind-body connection. Yoga, meditation and journaling support your spiritual development.

Why Choose The River Source?

You may still be wondering what makes our drug rehab center different from the rest. The River Source has a flawless reputation in the industry. Offering a suite of holistic treatment options to suit your needs, we are known as the nation’s premier drug and alcohol addiction recovery center. We provide you with the most affordable treatment available, backed by a decade of proven experience. We even handle the travel costs for those living out of state. Don’t wait another minute to get your life back on track. Trust the team of friendly professionals at The River Source to revive your body, mind and spirit into a state of healing and wholeness.