Various Alcohol Rehab & Drug Treatment Options for Men and Women

Are you or someone you love concerned they may have a problem with drugs and alcohol and are seeking a drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab center in Phoenix? The River Source is here to help. The River Source offers a wide range of addiction treatment, alcohol & drug rehab options to help people in the Phoenix area suffering from the disease of addiction. For more than a decade, men and women have attended and successfully completed our drug & alcohol rehab program in Phoenix. Every addict will have different treatment needs, therefore, the program at The River Source is tailored to meet the needs of each individual person. The drug & alcohol rehab program focuses not just on the mind and body, but also on spiritual and emotional recovery while simultaneously following the familiar principles of the 12-step program.

Each Journey Is Unique

At The River Source, we understand that each journey towards recovery is unique to the individual. No two people are alike. To determine the best course of action for each journey, our staff listens closely to each patient’s goals, and after assessing any present conditions, we work with them to create a map towards recovery. The River Source wants to empower its patients and give them the tools to take ownership of their life and stay sober. Are you or your loved one ready to take the first step towards a life of freedom from drugs and alcohol? We are here to help.

A New Life Begins Here

Within the warm and safe environment of The River Source campus, patients will begin their journey to recovery. Our holistic and evidence-based treatment services include:

  • Our proven 12-step holistic drug and alcohol treatment
  • Our revolutionary naturopathic detox program
  • A sobriety guarantee for continuous 90-day inpatient residents or residents who complete the full continuum of care
  • Most affordable rates for a Phoenix drug treatment facility
  • Individual and Group Counseling, Family Education
  • Life Coaching, Neurofeedback (BAUD Therapy)
  • Naturopathic treatments (nutritional IV vitamin therapy, acupuncture, B-12 shots,  amino acids therapy, and much more)
  • Infrared Sauna Treatments, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, and Gym Visits

You Are Not Alone

Many of our residents seeking drug treatment in Phoenix from the Phoenix area share a common concern about what happens after leaving the structure and stability that The River Source provides. Rest assured, we do not simply unleash you back into the world unprepared. The River Source provides you with the tools it takes to live a productive life, free of drugs and alcohol. Your support network extends far beyond the boundaries of our facility. At The River Source, we work with patients to build an after care plan that is unique to you to ensure success.

Online aftercare, job placement services, sobriety checks and urine drug screens are available to each of our graduates at no additional charge, up to one year following addiction treatment. With The River Source, you or your loved ones will have a team on your side during their journey towards freedom from addiction.

If you or someone you love needs alcohol and drug addiction treatment in the Phoenix area we are here to help every step along the way. We will guide you or your loved ones through the easy admissions process and answer any and all questions.

Phoenix Alcohol & Drug Abuse Data

In the Phoenix area, an average of 558,000 persons over 12 years of age, used an illicit drug in the past year. This represents 16.0 percent of the population and is similar to the rates in Arizona (16.9 percent), while both Arizona and Phoenix maintain a higher rate of drug use than the Nation (14.7 percent). The use of marijuana in the past year was 10.7 percent, which was also similar to the State and national rates (10.7 and 10.7 percent respectively)

In the Phoenix area, the rate of nonmedical use of prescription-type pain relievers was 6.1 percent, which was similar to the rate in Arizona but higher than that of the entire Nation which had an average of 4.9 percent.

In the Phoenix area, 23.0 percent of the population participated in binge alcohol use at least once during the past month.  This is slightly lower than the National percentage of 23.2 percent.

In the Phoenix area, 326,000 persons aged 12 or older were classified as having a substance use disorder in the past year the corresponding rate (9.3 percent) was lower than the rate in Arizona, but was higher than the national rate of 9.0 percent.

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