Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Scottsdale Arizona

At The River Source, an Arizona based treatment center, we serve the residents of Scottsdale in need of  drug rehab. We don’t think that drug rehabilitation and good health should be a privilege exclusively for the wealthy. We offer the most competitive and the most affordable pricing for all-inclusive detox and for inpatient drug treatment to ensure that you do not have to make a choice between getting healthy and paying rent on time.

Overcoming addiction not only benefits the individuals dealing with addiction, it benefits their family and their community as well. Ensuring affordable care for people dealing with substance abuse means that people in the throes of addiction can get back to their lives, and back to contributing to their community in a meaningful way.

Here’s what we offer at The River Source that sets us apart from other facilities:

  • 12 Step Holistic Treatment
  • Our Own Revolutionary Naturopathic Detox Program
  • A Sobriety Guarantee for 90-Day Inpatient Clients
  • Travel Expenses to Our Arizona Facility Covered for Out-of-State Residents

Addiction can create feelings of hopelessness that only perpetuate the cycle of substance abuse. In addition to proven, natural treatments for addiction, we also provide a supportive network, a safe environment, and clear goals and milestones that allow individuals dealing with addiction to overcome their reliance on substances. A positive outlook is one of the most important elements of rehabilitation, and our facility located near Scottsdale, AZ will help you or your loved one get there.

Our goal is simple: we want to provide those afflicted with addiction with a clear, linear path to living better.