Tempe Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one is battling with drug or alcohol addiction, you might find it difficult to figure out how or where to begin the process toward recovery, especially when deciding on a drug rehab facility. At the River Source, we can offer you the answers and some guidance to help steer you toward making the best decision for you and your family. The River Source gives you or your loved one several treatment options that will bolster your efforts to find a new life, free from drugs and alcohol. With over a decade of experience in helping men and women throughout Arizona complete our program, The River Source continues serving as a beacon of hope and healing for our Tempe area residents who simply want to make a new start in sobriety.

Custom Built Treatment Plan

We understand that most of our patients need to strike the right balance between attentive and individualized care while living among others who share their experience. We can offer you or your loved one that balance by providing a large range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation options in Arizona that focus on reviving the spirit, body, mind, and emotions.

Inpatient Sobriety Guarantee

Whether patients wish to pursue a more traditional approach to relief from addiction through a proven 12 Step program, individual and group counseling, and family education, or one of our many other types of holistic-based programs, we offer a sobriety guarantee for continuous 90-day inpatient residents or residents who complete the full continuum of care. Such a guarantee might help you or your loved one relax and focus on the work at hand without putting too much pressure on yourself over the outcome. Instead, you can let the professionals at The River Source help you relax and remove addiction from your life.

Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment

As you explore The River Source and its unique resources, consider some of the holistic programs available to help you reach down deep to find lifelong solutions and coping devices to seamlessly and positively replace your addiction.

  • Life Coaching, Neurofeedback (BAUD Therapy). Help understand the underlying reasons for your response to life’s stressors and find new skills to respond for a positive outcome that helps you continue to build on your recovery.
  • Naturopathic Treatments: Nutritional IV Vitamin Therapy, Acupuncture, B-12 Shots, Amino Acids Therapy, and Much More. Sometimes those who have addictions suffer from a low reserve of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more, or they become depleted due to unhealthy lifestyles while suffering from addiction; either way, these treatments help patients restore physical health to further clarify the mind and body throughout the process.
  • Infrared Sauna Treatments, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, and Gym Visits. Further encouraging finding a deeper connection between body, mind, spirit, and emotions, these treatments also offer relaxation and ways to deal with any stress patients feel as toxins leave their bodies.

At The River Source, you or your loved one will find a safe haven where you can choose the treatment options that feel most comfortable to you while in a safe and nurturing environment.