What We Believe

Recovery is a life long process that leads to the freedom from using drugs and or alcohol. The River Source believes that providing treatment with compassion, understanding and knowledge makes a difference. By helping the addict one day at a time we are helping them build a bridge to a life worth living. Treating the body, mind and spirit enhances an individual’s quality of life, and applying principals such as honesty, open-mindedness and willingness, creates a higher rate of success in your recovery. Treatment that works 100% of the time is related to the time you spend working it!

Client Centered Care

At The River Source, we believe in compassionate, caring, competent, coordinated and collaborative care for our clients. Our clients deserve the best care, dignity and respect.

Our Treatment Works

Our treatment methods are tested and proven. We are proud to have helped countless people live a life free of drugs and alcohol. We have a unique and comprehensive program that is different and better than other programs. And yes, we are affordable! We have the best doctors, nurses, counselors and staff that understand the details of addiction. Our friendly staff members; management team, physicians, nurses, counselors, behavioral health techs, and nurse aide’s, are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about helping people get clean and staying that way. The River Source’s philosophy is that recovery from addiction is a life long process and the focus is on treating the primary illness rather than just the symptoms of the disease. The individual develops a new way of life through a unique and comprehensive treatment program that focuses on all aspects of personal recovery – mind, body, and spirit. We treat your addiction by providing a variety of education in self-care, self-management, daily planning, meditation, yoga, social skills, interpersonal relationships, recreation, fitness, nutrition, and life skills. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each person is provided the opportunity to engage in our treatment programs and prosper as human beings.

Services Offered Include:

Assessment of individual history and current situation, activities of daily living, assistance with medication administration, group/individual counseling and life coaching sessions, Neurofeedback, fitness routine and nutrition.

Sessions with staff may include topics like:

Medication management, self-esteem, and relationship issues, family issues, cultivating confidence, community participation, and work related issues, money management, emotional issues, stress management, anxiety, and others pertinent to the individuals needs. Individual, group, family counseling, life coaching and psychosocial education shall be offered based on the person’s needs as identified in the assessment/treatment plan. Each person may receive up to 48 individual and or group sessions during a 30-day stay depending on the individual’s assessment. Educational group and individual life coaching, and counseling, is offered on-site at our facility. Individual sessions are usually 45 minutes long and twice per week for the duration of your stay. Group sessions are held at various times throughout the week (M-F). Special and unique sessions such as life skills, or family sessions, are offered on Saturdays based on the individual’s needs. The River source shall have a life coach / counselor/ educator/ behavioral health tech provide 1 on 1 and group sessions at the frequency determined in the individual’s treatment plan. The River Source shall make every effort to protect the rights of every individual while providing them with a safe and secure environment.

If you or a loved one is looking for treatment for any type of substance abuse, please call NOW.