Addiction Treatment Testimonials and Success Stories

Since 2003 The River Source has proudly offered rehab treatment services to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. We have successfully helped thousands of adults, teens and their families overcome abuse and addiction through our proven treatment methods. Many of these individuals are so excited about their recovery that they have written or recorded their testimonials to share with you.

Below you will find 4 testimonial types: Family, Inpatient, Outpatient and Video.


  • Anonymous (3/30/2016) - I just want to tell you that after 2 days on the Internet and on the phone with very little help from anyone else except that they just wanted a
  • Anonymous (12/23/2014) - November 20th of 2013, after driving through the night, we arrived at your Casa Grande facility at 4 am. We checked our 31 year old son into your facility. Our
  • Ray D. – Virginia (12/23/2014) - My son just celebrated his 1 year anniversary of sobriety. He is 25 and previously had not been sober for 8 years. He was expelled from High School for drugs,
  • Parents of Nathan G. – Scottsdale, AZ (11/12/2014) - We were referred to River Source by Nathan's therapist. We researched, liked the idea of the holistic approach and from there we went by the information we received. As a
  • Anonymous – Scottsdale, AZ (11/6/2014) - We were referred to River source by a family friend who was dealing with a loved one with an addiction several years ago. I knew very little about addiction and
  • Anonymous – Las Vegas, NM (11/6/2014) - The River Source was chosen because we had reviewed at least 7-10 different places. The website was informative and comments were helpful and accurate. I was included in my husband's
  • Anonymous (11/5/2014) - We are very grateful to the staff at River Source for the treatment Nick received. He has struggled with opiate abuse for many years, and this was his first time
  • Vicki and Steve G. – Gilbert, AZ (11/5/2014) - We are happy to give a testimonial to River Source. Our son, Aric H. spent 30 days at River Source. When he entered we were afraid we were going to
  • Anonymous – NJ (11/5/2014) - My son found River Source for himself. I will always be grateful that he did. Now we are now on to a journey of recovery.
  • Anonymous – Tucson, AZ (11/5/2014) - We chose The River source because of its holistic approach to healing the mind and body. Their vitamin IV therapy was very beneficial for health after substance abuse. My husband

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  • Scott A. (4/25/2017) - I came to The River Source because I have had many friends find sobriety here. I was hesitant going to another 30 day program because the first rehab I tried
  • Anonymous – Ahwatukee, AZ (4/25/2017) - Alcoholism brought me to The River Source to proximity to home and reputation of the recovery program offered. I had a wonderful experience at The River Source. The staff was
  • Mike S. – Mesa, AZ (4/25/2017) - I came out to The River Source as a suggestion from another facility not covered by my insurance. I know I needed help, as my job was on the line,
  • Tempe, AZ (4/25/2017) - I came to The River Source because of amphetamine and benzo addiction. After detox at valley hospital I was given a list of treatment centers that provided 30 days of
  • Anonymous – Fort Collins, CO (4/25/2017) - The River Source is special, there is no words I can use to describe it better. The River Source saved my life, simply put. They have created an environment in
  • Anonymous (4/25/2017) - I quit before my own and was unable to stay sober. I’m addicted to opiates and my life was out of control. I chose The River Source through my family’s
  • Anonymous – Tucson, AZ (4/25/2017) - My serious Meth and Benzo addiction brought me here, and I came because of its good results in the past. My time here was unmatched and down right enjoyable for
  • Anonymous – Chandler, AZ (4/25/2017) - I sought out The River Source when I was dealing with a very heavy problem with heroin addiction. They welcomed me into the community with open arms and warm acceptance,
  • Anonymous (12/7/2016) - When last my wife and I wrote, it was December 23, of 2014. I told of our son's addiction and him finally hitting bottom and asking to go to rehab.
  • Anonymous – Chandler, AZ (10/7/2016) - I sought out The River Source when I was dealing with a very heavy problem with heroin addiction. They welcomed me into the community with open arms and warm acceptance,

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  • Alexandra R. – Showlow, AZ (12/8/2017) - I'm absolutely grateful for River Source and all the experience and lessons I have learned and I am grateful to have had this experience thus far. River Source is absolutely
  • Levi K. – Spokane, WA (12/8/2017) - I came to The River Source for alcohol use disorder treatment. I learned a tremendous amount about alcoholism and treatment through the 12-Steps while at River Source. I feel an
  • Monica C. – Boston, MA (11/13/2017) - I was hospitalized from Cellulitis from using and had been recently arrested. My life was completely falling apart. River Source showed me how to live and enjoy my life again.
  • Steven M. – Chandler, AZ (11/13/2017) - I was in a pretty dark place before arriving at The River Source. I had lost my job, my apartment, and was facing bankruptcy. I hated the person I had
  • Marshall M. – Mesa, AZ (11/13/2017) - My parents brought me to The River Source. After doing online research they liked the treatment being out in Arizona City as well as an available continuing care Day Treatment
  • Stephanie R. – San Tan Valley, AZ (11/13/2017) - My addiction and my actions brought me here due to being sick and tried of how I was feeling and living. My IOP showed me how important my recovery is
  • Kaylee S. – Huntington Beach, CA (11/13/2017) - I hated my life, I wanted another chance at recovery and to learn how to live clean and sober. River Source was the best experience I have had at a
  • Dylan T. – Phoenix, AZ (11/13/2017) - When I stepped into IOP for the first time I was apprehensive about speaking in the group and letting the others in the room know who I really was. As
  • Lea B. – Mesa, AZ (11/13/2017) - I came to River Source by accident – but a happy accident as it turns out. I am very happy I found this specific program. I attended the IOP Program
  • Ben L. – Tucson, AZ (11/13/2017) - I didn’t like the way my was going, so I came to The River Source. My experience here at both inpatient and outpatient has been amazing. They taught me things

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