Aaron K. – Omaha, NE

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What brought me to the River Source is that I was not able to manage my life because of my addiction of alcohol and drugs and that I was powerless to quit. I didn’t choose River Source my Mom found this place and she asked if I wanted to go and I agreed and wanted to change my life. My experience here was a very eye opening experience to a new way to live it was full of up’s and downs. River Source helped me to see who I really am and they helped me to be able to have hope and how to live life and to be a better human being and that I don’t need alcohol and drugs to cope. My life now is full of hope. I am able to deal with problems without getting high, and how to find joy out of life and to live a life of recovery and how to cope with life on life’s terms and my relationship with my Higher Power, God. I would recommend the River Source to people because of how good of a program they have and helps you to focus on yourself and to fix my character defects. I would like to say that I am grateful for this program, it really helps you get a good foundation for Recovery, mentally and physically and most importantly to have a relationship with my Higher Power, God.