Abigail R. – August 2012

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I came to The River Source because I have been addicted to drugs (heroin) and alcohol for the past three years (severely) and was in great need of help. I could not defeat this addictive disease alone so I asked for help. I chose The River Source because my parents were recommended to it by my insurance and The Mark IOP center in Tucson, Arizona. My experience here has been nothing but an amazing challenge and wonderful time. The River Source literally saved my life. I never thought I was going to find a solution to my problems and behaviors. I never thought I was going to be able to find my true self again and be as happy as I am and have been here with a sober, open heart, mind and soul. My life is finally coming together. I am always honest with myself and others; I have my family back and a new family here as well! I have made wonderful friendships and support systems; my life is definitely on the right track again. I would highly recommend The River Source to anyone who has a problem with drugs, alcohol or both. The tools you learn here are of nothing but great help towards someone who is lost, alone and in a delusional state. I cannotthank The River Source enough for everything. I will always be in debt to this center and will never forget my experience here!


Abigail R