Adam H. – March 2013

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My drug addiction was only going in one direction, and I couldn’t quit it as hard as I tried. My older brother had been and out of rehabs, but was finally able to stay sober after attending treatment at The River Source. Nearly three years later (and still sober), he saw me going down the same path, and ultimately saved my life by showing me this place and consistently imploring me to stay. My first week or two was miserable. But before my stay was half way through, I was amazed. Not only was the facility and staff amazing, but the patients as a whole resembled nothing less than a tight-knit family. The staff helped me stick it out, showed me what my mind was going to play tricks on my, and tremendously went out of their way when I or anyone else needed it. Today, I am more emotionally stable thanks to an outside psych evaluation. I’ve found and gotten very intimate to my higher power—finally. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. I plan on returning to The River Source only for visitation, and plan on directing anyone who was in desperate need of help to The River Source. Because if I can get what I’ve gotten out of this (which has saved my life), then anyone can. I’m very grateful for Jeff, Zach, Sharmyn, Rusty, Dr. T, Linda, John Carter, Jerica, and all of the staff as a whole. You have all changed my life in ways I can’t explain, and helped me to the point where I cannot thank you enough.

Adam H.