Adam M. – June 2012

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Heroin addiction brought me to the River Source for the second time this year. I had completed 30 days prior at this center the beginning of the year and was unwilling to follow the aftercare plan, I relapsed shortly after, and spent the last 3 months in a prison of daily opiate abuse. I had decided after a while to get clean and after completing a home detox at a halfway house, which was ineffective, I vied for a 10 day detox at the River Source. My experience here has been wonderful. Expert medical staff worked tirelessly to make my detox process as humane as possible. The day staff made every opportunity for growth and recovery available to me. Through outside 12 step meetings, attending recovery conventions, and one on one recovery talks. This portion of the River Source program was an indispensable part of my physical, emotional, and spiritual re construction. Today is day 10, the final day of my detox at River Source. I feel confident but cautious about leaving, numerous staff have expressed some concern, their love and concern is genuine and has helped me fully consider the serious nature of my illness and the potential for relapse. They have opened my eyes to the realities that lay ahead, and I’m so grateful for that. As I proceed out into the world with nothing but my higher power and the will for sobriety.


Adam M.