Adrian C. – November 2012

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Relapse is what brought me back to The River Source this time. The last time I was in here I learned so many tools to prevent relapse but decided to never use any of them or follow any recommendations, my will was what brought me into The River Source the first time and I had a very hard time letting it go. My experience at The River Source this time was very eye-opening. Staff helped me out tremendously, I got a whole new outlook on life and learned that I never have to relapse again. My life as of now is very good and I’m just grateful I made the decision to get out of the way and let my higher power guide me. I would recommend for any addict or alcoholic to go to The River Source to live a life of recovery from the hopeless mind and body and addict and alcoholic has. I just want to say thank you guys for everything.

– Adrian C.