Aleksandr S. Santan Valley, AZ

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My experience here has been amazing and life changing, I will remember it forever. What brought me to The River Source was my life was turning into something that became unrecognizable to me from my drug use. All from the stealing lying and horrible things I did to myself and my loved ones. I chose The River Source because seeing the list of all the rehabs something in my head told me that the Holistic approach would be the best call. Also because it was one of the only places that accepted my insurance.

My experience was amazing I have never been to a rehab before but man did I experience so much love and accepting that made me feel at home. I have made so many friends and I love the staff they helped me in so many ways. River Source helped me by helping me find who I am sober and I love the sober me. They helped me by helping me realize how much I can have fun and love life.

My life feels so good now I can’t describe it fully; my counselor really helped me realize so many things that helped me accept the life of being sober. I would highly recommend River Source to anyone who needed help with their addictions. Thank you Rover Source so much for helping me turn my life around I am in debt to you.