Alicia S. – Chandler, AZ

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I truly believe that the River Source saved my life. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this experience. Before I came to the River Source I wanted to die. I wanted to end my life. I did not see a reason for living anymore. Drugs, alcohol and my disease had me fully convinced that my life was not worth living. I have been to other treatment centers and detoxes and have always relapsed. Today I see it is because I wasn’t honest with myself and that it is because of my experience at the River Source. I decided to tour the River Source because I liked the holistic approach, that it encompassed​ the mind, body and spirit. Walking up for the tour I got this amazing feeling of peace and I desperately wanted that. Walking in I was greeted with love by all and I had never experienced that, I wanted what these people had. I didn’t know how to love and today I see that is because I did not love myself. The River Source has taught me how to love myself, that I am worthy to give and receive love. The River Source staff walked me through getting a sponsor and starting my steps. They were always willing to take time out of their day to talk or help in any way they could. I have found a freedom that I have never had through working the steps. Counseling, Life Coaching, and all the group sessions have been key to my recovery. The staff encouraged and walked me through taking all suggestions, whether I liked them or not. These have been instrumental in my recovery of mind, body and spirit. I came in thinking I was going to stay 30 days. I was able to see the changes in other and myself and this encouraged me to stay longer. I’m extremely grateful I did. Staying longer really opened my eyes to seeing that my problem is so much deeper than just drugs and alcohol. The vitamin bags, massage and yoga have helped me heal my mind, body and spirit more than ever before. Everyone at the River Source will tell you the truth because they truly care about your life and want you to recover. Their honesty has saved my life and for that I will forever be grateful. Today I have 87 days sober, have completed my steps and have a totally different outlook on life. I would recommend the River Source to anyone seeking recovery. Love flows through these walls. The fellowship and support from all has been life changing.