Amanda J. – May 2009

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I came to The River Source scared. I had recently been sexually assaulted and trusted no one or no thing. I drank to keep the memories away. I took my klonopin (bensodiazepam) to keep the flashbacks away. I ended up with 2 DUI’s in 3 months. I trashed my life in weeks. And I ended up at the River Source. Holistic Medicine. Therapy. The Wellness Plan. At the River Source I was petrified upon arrival. Who are these people? Within 24 hours I was in meditation – which helped me begin to focus my Type A Personality and made me dilligent. Then I went to group. And my co-patients and Rusty Ackerman made it clear to me how delusional and untruthful to myself I was. Best thing that ever happened to me. Within 24 hours I had competed Step 1 and was told by my peers (accurately) that I was delusional and in complete denial about my problems I am an alcoholic and an addict. I know this from The River Source; And it is true. I am the child of an alcoholic. I am an alcoholic. Never would I have admitted that fact if I had never attended The River Source A Holistic Healing Plan. No Drugs. Health first. No crutches provided. If you BS your Step 1 Rusty WILL call you out on it. And anyone like me that cares about you will, too. At The River Source I received education in prayer, meditation, holistic healing, group therapy, single therapy, and general healing. The River Source SAVED MY LIFE. I would be dead without it. You can be well. Spend 30 or 60 or 90 days at the River Source. Follow your After Care Plan – you will be okay. You will. I am. I am the happiest of my life. Be happy. Be good. Be sober. Life will be great. I swear it to you. Go to The River Source with ther Wellness Plan and you will be okayl Trust me. If you want to live – I recommend The River Source. They will save you, if you and your HP want to save you.

Love with all my heart,

-Amanda J