Amanda W. – April 2013

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I came to The River Source to get help with my drug addiction. I was having issues with my work and due to numerous, repeated, and increasingly worsening consequences in my life; I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was, in the hell my addiction provided. I had called my therapist outside of inpatient treatment and told her that my drug use had increased to the point of shooting up nonstop. She stated she would help me look for some different treatment centers. She gave me the names of some different places and I researched them. I was drawn to The River Source because I was exhausted, beaten down, hopeless, and willing to make a change. I wanted a facility that provided holistic treatment and truly educated people about addiction, and gave them the tools necessary to go to war against my disease. I was extremely nervous and tentative in the beginning and doubted that I would even be able to complete 30 days. However, in learning about addiction in a viewpoint I’d never considered, I decided to be as open-minded, willing, and honest as it would take. My life was empty and I had denounced God a long time ago. I walked through the doors agnostic to the core. However, after my first step I began to see and feel my higher power on a daily basis. I was able to regain spirituality in my life, without spirituality in my life I would be stuck in a never ending hell that reached to depths I was unable to climb out of. I realized that self-will, power, control, ego and pride had availed me nothing, in the reality of truly living. I decided to throw everything I thought I knew out the window. I decided to try things I never tried before. Through that action, my spirituality has grown stronger than I could have ever imagined. I have a peace and happiness I have never known before. It took me 26 years to get to this point. It was painful, dark and at times seemed hopeless. Today however, I wouldn’t change one difficulty or trauma I suffered for this new dream.. I would recommend The River Source for anyone who is tired of being empty, feeling nothing, and crying out for help. To anyone willing to get honest, to have an open-mind and one who’s willing to stop resisting. If you resist, it will persist.


Amanda W