Andrew B. – December 2012

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A 7 year heroin addiction that led me to be homeless on the streets of Phoenix, Az, which then led me to end up back in jail again. After being released from jail I relapsed and came to The River Source. I chose The River Source in Casa Grande mainly because my best friend of 17 years went to the Mesa facility for30 days after he had a severe heroin addiction of 7 years and having gone to 3 other rehabs. He has now graduated from The River Source in Mesa and went on to sober living and is sober for the first time in 10 years. After hearing that, I wanted the same thing and committed to 30 days. My experience at The River Source was amazing and exceeded all my expectations by far and 100% absolutely saved my life. The River Source helped me reconnect with God, gain serenity, honesty, self-worth, integrity, humble personality, how to cope and deal/process emotions, open mindedness, etc.. The 12 step program absolutely works 100% as long as you work them completely and whole heartedly. My life today is full of joy and happiness and I am content with who I am now that I’m sober. My anger and judgmental ways have been replaced with God in my life and its truly amazing living by His will instead of mine. I would absolutely recommend The River Source to anyone that has any kind of addiction to anything, especially to drugs and alcohol. Thank you to The River Source for saving my life and giving me my life back today. I am forever grateful to this program.


Andrew B