Andrew L. – May 2012

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I initially came to The River Source Mesa from the other side of the country with extreme doubt, hesitation, and skepticism. The reason I chose The River Source was for its holistic and 12-step approach to treatment. To my surprise, the nutritional (IV bags, aminos) focus; in addition to yoga, massage, sauna, and acupuncture was a key component in my recovery. I experienced that The River Source was unique and unlike any other rehab I’ve been to in the emphasis and requirement placed on working the 12-steps while in treatment with a sponsor. Also integral to my recovery is how The River Source incorporates life/living skills, behavioral therapies, spirituality, recreation/life balance, and supervised activities out of the facility to encourage interaction with sober society.

As a recent transplant to Arizona I was extremely scared, but to my surprise, the enormous and solid recovery scene in addition to the network/fellowship that The River Source helped provide will be an important asset to my recovery.

Who would’ve thought I’d get clean and sober and start a new life in the desert!

Thanks to all the staff… and special thanks to Sharmyn, Chris, Larson, Zach, Phil, Jeff, Tony, and Rusty.

-Andrew L.