Andy T.

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During the time between August 20, 2010 and coming to the River Source I attended AA regularly and was not drinking. Six months into sobriety I was being treated for PTSD and depression and eventually taking Klonipin. When severely depressed I did not take my entire Klonopin prescription, but refilled it the day I was able. Eventually I started abusing the Klonopin I lost myself and became hopeless with little relief from the depression. I took myself off the anti-depressants and became suicidal. I abused the Klonopin ever more wanting to go to sleep and never wake up. After being at River Source for 30 days I feel alive again and am off all medications. River Source helped me full face and understand my powerlessness over any mood altering substance. River Source has given me a new understanding of the solution in the 12 step program. Today I feel free and am excited about living and for that I am truly grateful.