Angela F. – July 2012

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It was not my idea to seek treatment after being in relapse for 2 years. I was doing it for my family but checking out treatments online, The River Source stuck out to me because of the integration of the 12 steps and because its ran and operated by recovering alcoholics and addicts. It’s nice to have techs that have actually been in our shoes and really have compassion for recovering addicts. The first week was hard because of the physical withdrawals but once that was over the desire started to come. Working the first 3 steps during treatment was so beneficial for me because it brought the willingness and desire to do something different with my life back. I’m so grateful for The River source and all the staff here because they have changed my life. I’m leaving here with a whole different aspect on my life and so hopeful for the future. The hopelessness of active addiction has been lifting and I have been given to tools to recover.


Angela F.