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This is my first time ever getting treatment, going to an AA meeting, getting a sponsor and ever saying out loud that I’m an alcoholic. When I came here I was 100% delusional and lost not only to my addiction, but lost to a deep depression, pain, fear, hate and all the ugliness the devil could throw my way. I was lost for most of my life and truly believed I was going to be lost forever. After coming to The River Source I have learned about my addiction and faced my demons. I was able to find my way out of the darkness that swallowed all my light. I have been able to feel again. I have learned that I am not alone in my disease. Most importantly I have reconnected to God. I have learned to love myself again and have started to forgive myself. I am finding me again. I am so beyond blessed to have come to The River Source and so grateful for every single staff member. Thank you all so very much for saving my life in every way possible. I love you!