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When last my wife and I wrote, it was December 23, of 2014. I told of our son’s addiction and him finally hitting bottom and asking to go to rehab. That is when we brought him to The River Source on November 20th of 2013. I had written to praise the staff and the program that led my son, at that time, to his 1 year of sobriety.

I am proud to report that this past November 20th of 2016 my son once again stood proudly in front of his AA group and humbly accepted his 3 year sobriety chip.

This is such a profound accomplishment for a young man who had been through 2 other outpatient programs which had not helped him achieve sobriety. Neither of these programs were connected with River Source. It was the River Source that finally made the connection with our son. It was the River Source that put him on the road to a sober and happy life.

My son became very good friends with 4 other residents during his stay at River Source. Even though these people live in different states, he stays in touch. What is more amazing is that all 4 of his friends have also recently received their 3 year sobriety chip as well.

The caring love and support of the staff at River Source and their holistic approach to helping residents learn coping skills and tools to maintain sobriety shows in the success that my son and his friends have had. Even so, they all know, they travel this journey one day at a time.

Thank you for all the good you do!