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I first heard of River Source because a family member had a friend who successfully sobered up at RS. RS Casa Grande Site was the sister site of the program my son had attended earlier, both facilities were clean, friendly, and had overseers who were caring and kind to him. There was close supervision, medical health care, and physical, as well as spiritual healing, with delicious healthy food to aide in his recovery.

The Counselors included us, the family, in regular updates, and returned our phone calls in a timely manner no matter what time of the day we called. We were able to visit our son every weekend, and speak to him in the evenings during allotted phone time. There were family meetings to attend every two weeks to help us understand what he was going through and inform us of addictions.

Our son has a dual-diagnosis, the first three months he learned about his illness, alcoholism. He also received therapy to help him discover what was causing the depression. He graduated with hope but unfortunately needed more time in the program. Even though he relapsed he was willingly to go and get more help. This time he stayed a month, graduated and chose a 6th month program, to ensure he deals with the underlying issues of the alcoholism which surface from the depression. Throughout all this we never felt judged and our son received excellent care.

I would recommend River Source as a recovery center; they worked with my son, to give him the most thorough treatment possible, while informing the family of how we could be of the best help and support.