Anonymous Family – Dececmber 2009

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“Alex and I were just having a conversation about Riann when you sent your email. We were talking about the amazing change in her and are blown away by her mental clarity and an inward beauty that has been clouded for quite sometime. She has been an absolute delight to be around. She is doing really, really well and seems to really like her environment at the …(transitional home). We are all so happy and thankful for all that we have gone through over the last months. The results could not have happened had Riann not gone for treatment and been lovingly guided by the River Source staff during her darkest times. I could go on and on but… I know she really misses everyone at River Source too. She has spoken very highly about everyone there and realizes how important the 90 days were. She is looking forward to helping others but in the process, realizes her need to share her feelings with others as well. She goes to a lot of meetings and has a sponsor locally. Unfortunately, Adena was so completely above and beyond in all aspects that I’m not sure anyone else can live up to how she feels about the quality of Adena’s sponsorship. Adena has been an amazing role model for Riann. Riann is very close to her. We are thankful for God’s hand in guiding you to have Adena sponsor her. Thank you.

We can’t thank all of you enough. We look forward to 2010 and all its blessings. Happy New Year to you and our River Source family.”

Susan and Alex