Anonymous – Ft. Thomas, AZ

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I came due to the fact that I needed to address my addiction to booze and meth. So I called Chandler Valley Hope. All beds were full so I remembered that my old sponsor and a home group member had gotten sober at The River Source. The River Source definitely was not my first choice especially being in Arizona City. I was totally scared when I saw staff lock the door behind me here. The first 7 days I wanted to leave because it wasn’t like CVH. Now that I look back I feel it was better than CVH and I am so glad I stayed. The learning experience I embraced wholeheartedly and came to love. I feared doing step 1 in group but felt when I was done it was exceptionally freeing. The River Source experience will never be forgotten and I can honestly say I came to love all my fellow patients. I feel it has changed my life only because I was ready for a change. In confidence I highly recommend The River Source to any and all serious about getting sober. I would also like to say Lord please bless all the wonderful staff at The River Source.