Anonymous – Greenville, SC

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What brought me to The River Source was my lack of ability to stop using drugs and alcohol and also the complete chaos of my life. My experience at The River Source was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I felt very welcomed and felt like I fit in as soon as I got there. The program and the staff helped provide me with real experience of the 12 steps and living life sober. The River Source gave me the tools to continue living sober from here on out. I was able to work through trauma with one on one counseling sessions. I was able to work with a sponsor through the Big Book and my steps. The staff is so incredible. They truly care and they can relate to what I went through. I feel like a completely different person today. I never thought I could feel this good after 90 days. I’m so grateful to The River Source staff, other patients and my family. I’m happy again and I haven’t been this happy in over 10 years. I would definitely recommend The River Source to anyone experiencing difficulty with substance abuse and who is ready for a change. The River Source is an amazing treatment program!

Greenville, SC