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The River Source was chosen because we had reviewed at least 7-10 different places. The website was informative and comments were helpful and accurate. I was included in my husband’s treatment via phone. Very friendly and informative. I did see a change as the weeks progressed. My husband was more involved and expressed progress. My husband is now 106 days sober! Thank you River Source and God. I would recommend the River Source for anyone who needs help. Pricing was reasonable. I almost lost my husband to alcoholism, when he arrived at River Source the staff didn’t think he was going to make it. They called me informing me of the need of hospitalization. He stayed at the hospital for a few days and then went back to River Source. They took care of him and when I went to pick him up a month later they gave me my husband back with hope. Hope that he will stay sober and be in our family for a much longer time.

Thank you River Source.