Anonymous – Mesa, AZ

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When I came to treatment I was a broken man. I truly wanted to die but couldn’t do it so I tried to kill myself by drinking and using. I knew I was going to be stuck this way for life and wanted something different. I had been to River Source before and knew it worked, though my attitude had been sour last time. What happened here was testament to what can be done to a person who embraces the program River Source offers. The most important aspect with which change occurred was on the spiritual plain of my life. I was able to reconnect with God and allow him to pull me out of the misery my life was. The process of making an approach to God on a consistent basis has not only allowed me to get sober but it has helped me along a spiritual journey to become comfortable with my past and also who I am as a person. If alcohol was but a symptom of the problem of me than sobriety is but a symptom of working the steps. In doing so I came to know God and catch a glimpse of what I could become. I would absolutely recommend River Source to a person struggling with alcoholism or addiction problems. Thank you to staff and all those who participated in helping me along the way. May God bless you all!