Anonymous – Safford, AZ

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What brought me to The River Source was my alcohol use. My husband found The River Source online after 2 prior rehabs would not take me due to my blood alcohol content. Words cannot explain my experience but I will do my best. I was nervous when I first got here but everyone including staff were so welcoming! The ladies introduced themselves right away and told me if I needed anything just ask. The staff was very sensitive to my feelings and concerns. Once I started going to groups and meetings I started to get to know the ladies and they all meant what they said that first day, they were all here to help. I thought I would be counting down my days to leave but here I am and I don’t know where the time has gone! I have been to 2 rehabs prior to The River Source and they do not even come close to comparing to here. They have helped me to use The Big Book as a tool and not a decoration. My life today is so much more mellow and peaceful. I love who I am today and can only see more good to come. If I knew anyone looking for help and needing treatment I would not recommend anywhere else but The River Source!