Anonymous – Tucson, AZ

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Being released from the Pima County Detention Center in Tucson, Arizona. I had spent 17 days in jail, which is a very dark, lonely and sad place to add to my addictions to Alcohol and Meth. The probation officer assigned to my case recommended intensive residential treatment or six months in prison. I had never been to a treatment center before. After my first week at The River Source I soon found out that most of the women had similar stories and struggles with their drug and alcohol addiction. The staff members (who are in recovery themselves) are exceptionally helpful by assisting me with short term goals, long term goals and most importantly introducing me to the works of the 12 step program in the Big Book and Alcoholics Anonymous. The advice from the professional counselors and lecturers gave me knowledge I grasped. The naturopathic remedies, the yoga and meditation skills I have developed over a 30 day period empowered me to believe in myself, my mind, body and spirit. In addition the cooks are friendly, the meals are nutritious and the healthy snacks and smoothies are always available. The experience I endured at The River Source is a memorable one I highly recommend.

Tucson, AZ