Audrey F. – December 2012

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I was at the Mesa River Source location for 32 days and abruptly left (out of stupidity and self-will) luckily my Higher Power saw to it that The River Source let me come to the Casa Grande location to get back on track and finish my treatment. I had originally heard mention of The River Source from a girl in my sober living facility. She had been at the Casa Grande location and she seemed to be spiritually in a really good place. When I relapsed and left sober living I looked The River Source up online. It was amazing in 3 places out of the last 5 months this is the first time I have a spiritual connection. They helped me to start healing, forgiving myself for the past, understanding the vicious cycle of our addictions, be physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit. I learned healthy coping skills, seeing the positive and not the negative in all situations. I have been given a jump start to a future of sobriety. I would recommend The River Source, absolutely 100%. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Forever and always


Audrey F.