Austin O. – December 2012

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I was brought to The River Source through the concerns of my family. I did not choose to come to treatment but they figured the holistic program would put me on the best path to recovery. I soon grew to love The River Source. I realized my delusions had told me my life wasn’t unmanageable and that I wasn’t powerless. I was very wrong. The River Source has given me a new chance at life. I’ve been able to start the healing process with my new family and I’ve discovered so many things about myself I never knew before. The River Source helped me learn to accept myself for who I am and accept those I resented for who they are. My favorite aspect about this program is the spiritual relationship with a higher power they stress so much. I feel like I’ve been cleansed here and given a great new opportunity to change my life for the better. The staff and all the patients here have been so supportive and have had such a strong desire to help and do what’s best for me. My life now is much more fulfilled than it was before. I’m starting to discover the peace and serenity I lacked 50 days ago. I’m so much happier and willing to let life take me where it’s going to take me. I feel I can be a better son, brother, and person now, and have a great outlook towards the future. I would recommend The River Source to anybody of need of treatment. It’s been one of the most eye opening experiences in my life. I’m just so grateful for everyone here who’s had such a huge impact in my recovery. Words can’t describe how humble and thankful I am.


Austin O