Barbara J. – Bisbee, AZ

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My family brought me to The River Source. I picked up drugs and alcohol after my partner died, which led to a blackout and I fell off of my bed and bruised my face and ended up in the Bisbee Hospital. My daughter found The River Source after my son had tried 27 different rehabs.

My experience has been very helpful at The River Source. They’ve helped me learn about the disease.

My life now is a little better. I am no longer obsessing about using. I’m eager to belong again to Alcoholics Anonymous. I still have the ever present grief over the death of my partner, and it hurts. But I believe now and trust that if I keep growing in my contact with my higher power I will know some peace and serenity again.

Yes, I would recommend The River Source. It’s a good place for addicts and alcoholics. I’ve been invited back into the program again by a lot of wonderful people. Thank you.

Barbara J. – Bisbee, AZ