Barry P. – Scottsdale, AZ

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My wife Kathy found the River Source. So she chose it for me in my time of most need. She chose River Source based on some research and excellent word of mouth reputation. I think reasonable cost was also a factor. My experience at River Source was exceptional. The education about being and admitting to alcoholism was a great and quick start. Smart and caring staff working with me, with effort on my part also, through steps 1-3 was critical. The daily instruction, lectures, all the various step work meetings, yoga, massaged, Naturopathic clinic expertise and care, off site meeting exposure (Knights, Pigeon Coop, Alano and SNL, importance of prayer and meditation, in house 7:00 am Sunday meeting, Men’s group, and Evening Review are a great mix of valuable experiences and well organized. The availability and care from my Life Coach Zach and Counselor Lynda was special and the talks were very sincere and so helpful. Robert H. is an amazing sponsor and so generous with his time. River Source helped me in many ways. From driving home the necessity and critical nature of realizing and learning skills to cope with and hopefully manage my disease ( with the help of my Higher Power) to the hope of a better and healthier life going forward, I can see a path to more happiness, a better family life, care for others, and serenity with work each day. Also, having almost all the staff having lived with the same challenges and being able to aptly share their experiences in life certainly adds to the overall program. I will always be willing to recommend River Source!