Ben Y. – April 2013

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I came to the River Source as a broken man who didn’t know how to live without drugs and alcohol. My life was unmanageable and to continue along this path would only end in one way……. Death. I chose The River Source based on the mind, spirit, body approach and their holistic approach to recovery. My stay here has been amazing!! From the very first moment I walked in the facility I felt very comfortable and quickly became as ease. Every single staff member is amazing, and has contributed to my recovery in some way. The life coaches and counseling sessions have taught me so much about myself, and today I have self-worth and the acceptance of who I am, For the first time in years I’m excited to live my life, and excited to live it sober. I can’t say enough about The River Source, I am grateful to each and every staff member for making my experience here magical! This place truly saved my life. Thank you all and thank God for giving me this opportunity.


Ben Y