Beth L. – February 2013

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I came to The River Source because my alcoholic drinking had become out of control for a long time and I started to think I would lose my mind. I started to have an affair on my husband and I felt such a loss of control over my life I knew I could not do this alone—I needed HELP! Co-dependence out of control as well. My husband found The River Source after I spent four days at (another facility) for detox! Pure hell! I learned a lot of information about my disease, and my family background that influenced my behavior and my disease. I now have a bag of tools. I have to ask for help! I love many things about The River Source: the counseling, the toga, the lectures, the staff, and the fun! The darn right hard emotion stuff it’s a necessary part of healing. I love the vitamin bags, aminos, massages, all the amenities. The River Source helped me by giving me knowledge, love, caring, and encouragement. I would recommend this to anyone who needs this support in the rehab world. One of my favorites are John Carter, he explained myself to me. Also Colleen, a huge asset to The River Source. Rusty is so right on through gentle and hard headed when it needs to be, he is an angel. But all the staff is amazing.

Beth L. 2/19/13