BJ Oct. – 2011

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I’m BJ and I’m a heroin addict who drinks alcoholically. I was ready to accept help. If it were up to me i would have went somewhere closer to home. Thank god I didn’t. Coming to realize that there is no coincidences in Gods world, almost like a shot in the dark I ended up at The River Source. Being from Boston, i thought that the facility would be full of meth-addicted cowboys. That was not the case. There i met a woman who came to become a huge influence on me and an even bigger part of my recovery: Sharmyn. One of my first conversations with her I noticed she had written something down on a piece of paper. It ended up being the number of my sponsor. She advised me to call him, and that I did. Through The River Source and my sponsor, I needed the super structure of the program. During my 60 day stay I had come to build relationships with clients and staff in which I never thought I could have. The love and honesty in which I have found there is incredible. There I had found a solution. I give my compliments to the doctors and staff. Entering the program I was a 32 year old punk, with a huge problem with authority and issues with violence and anger. I loved to hate. Being bated into a cure for my alcohol and drug issue I got down with the 12 steps. In doing so I came to realize (with the help of everyone there including my sponsor) the malady the condition that I suffer from. Even more important I came to understand why and how I treated people the way that I did.

Honestly I am truly grateful for The River Source. From a place where I don’t even have words to express I feel I owe them my life. So if you’re ready to stop burning everything and everyone you love into the ground, and are willing to hear and have the solution, give The River Source a chance. It’s the least you could do.

Much love and yours in service,

BJ Oct. 21- Dec22, 2011