Bret W. – Gardner, KS

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What brought me to the river source was, my drinking had been taking over my life for quite some time and the last rehab did not have structure. When I got out the drinking was 100x worse. My grandparents live here in Arizona and I was not allowed back into the rehab that I went to in Kansas.

My experience at The River Source started rough because it was hard for me to be away from my kids. After my first 3 days I loved it. Going to classes, working the steps, finding a sponsor, helping others and making new friends. Almost immediately I could feel the program working. I felt god again. River Source helped me by giving me guidelines for the 12 steps and showed me how to work them. River Source also helped me find my spirituality again.

My life now is amazing. I don’t get angry as quick as I did. I am learning how to respond before I react. I am actually happy and prepared to help others in AA and volunteer work.

I would recommend The River Source because its holistic, mind, body, spirit. It has structure which a lot of other facilities do not have. The staff here is incredible, they are dedicated and caring. My 30 day treatment program was very helpful and beneficial. I learned so many tools to help me fight this disease and because of River Source I can apply them in real life. Thank you.

Bret W. – Gardner, KS