Brett S. – March 2013

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A ten year addiction to drugs and alcohol brought me to The River Source. When I found these substances stepped solving my problems, my thoughts shifted to realizing how unmanageable my life had become. My brother had an issue with addiction and went to the Casa Grande location; he suggested I check into the Mesa treatment center. With an expectation that rehab was going to be absolutely terrible I was very hesitant in attending. But shortly after admitting myself it dawned that this was like no rehab I’ve even seen or heard of. My experience was absolutely life changing; the staff integrated their own life experiences to help me with my problem with life, drugs, and alcohol. Between the knowledge of addiction, the 12-steps, the Big Book, and life as an addict in general, the staff’s passion was felt on every level. I found happiness through this place and in the 12-step program of recovery. The River Source helped me understand just how wonderful life is with the gift of sobriety, relationships with family members, life goals, emotional damage, spirituality, health, all seemed to be solved. This is not just a rehab; it is a rebirth of body, mind, and spirit. Sobriety is the key to happiness of life and The River Source has the staff and assets to help you achieve it. Thank you, I am very thankful.

– Brett S.