Brian S. – Sierra Vista, AZ

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As with most of my peers I had lost complete control of my life from my addiction. Everyday living in my addiction got worse and worse. Until I had ruined everything from family, friends and work.

When I admitted to myself I had lost all control I started asking for help- went back to my ex-wife who has been through rehab twice. She found just the place that I needed to be. River Source 12 step Holistic mind/body/ spirit treatment center, from online search.

After getting past detox, I said to myself and family, I am ready to go home. Thank goodness they ignored my request to leave. Shortly after, I was opened up to a whole new experience in my life. From the loving and welcoming “good mornings” and “hi how are you? My name is so and so” I felt an overwhelming sense of love and caring guidance from peers, BHT’s and counselors. I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Because of my experiences and sharing with others my story, I’ve found a new hope from my higher power. I feel love he has for me as my faith in him progresses. Than you eternally to The River Source staff, program and peers and my higher power for the spiritual awakening/ experiences I had to begin my recovery. This is something I will practice my entire life.