Briana K- Mesa, AZ

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What brought me to The River Source was an ultimatum from my mother to live on the streets (with friends) or come to treatment. Even though deep down in my heart I knew I needed help and I was ready to accept that. My mom picked out The River Source so I went along with it.

My experience at River Source had its ups and downs but that was from me being sick, and the last week I finally got my energy back. River Source has changed my life. River Source helped me by making me realize that I do have a disease and I needed help, because I definitely was not helping myself on my own. Rive Source showed me the tools that I need to make the changes I needed and show me I have a second chance.

My life now is full of positivity and God. I now feel everything and it was like I was reborn. I am ready for the challenges ahead of me and as long as I stop taking control over my life and do the steps, I believe I can go far. Just taking life one day at a time. I honestly would recommend River Source to anyone that asked for my help. I would like to say thank you to River Source for changing my life, and one I day I would love to work here.