Butch – Dec 2010

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I called Liz to talk with her of my issues. She said “we can help.” I checked River Source out online, looked like just what I needed. So, the fact that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I got myself down here. I chose River Source with a gut feeling that it could possibly be what I need to get clean and sober, along with a program that is a lifestyle not a temporary fix. My experience was great, after the first week. I enjoyed the fellowship, Rusty is good at what he does, along with Sharmyn, a great team! The rest of the staff is awesome also. River Source showed me there is another way of life, clean and sober, with some simple steps and a toolbox full of tools to make sure I don’t pick up. My life is great! My daughter came to see me and was a little shocked at what she saw, we are going to have a real relationship now that was impossible to have when I was a mess. Also, I am healthy relationship for the first time in my life. There is nothing that can compare to that, no amount of money can take that away from me now. Hell yeah! It worked for me, it will work for anyone. After 37 years of drinking and using, I finally have a real life now! I will be back in a year to get my 1 year chip! God willing.. I love all Y’all! See ya!