Cameron R. – December 2012

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I was brought here to The River Source 19 days before my 19th birthday. Heroin addiction and alcoholism brought me here. I was a garbage can addict doing any and every drug I could do. My life was unmanageable and I was suicidal. My family threw me in here after hearing about it from a great family friend. I was not willing or open minded at all when I first came in. After a while that changed. I came in wanting to run out the doors and as time went on I didn’t want to leave! The River Source showed me that the life I was living wasn’t a life. I came in at 95-100 lbs like a skinny twig. Now I am leaving 135 lbs. They reconnected me with a higher power and showed me that I do want to live and that life is beautiful. They helped me rebuild my mind, body, and spirit. My life today is amazing; words truly can’t describe what a transition was made. I came in trying to die and I’m leaving ready to take life by the horns. Everything I have learned here truly opened my eyes to life and showed me how amazing life really is and how amazing I really am. I am finally at peace and content! I would recommend The River Source to all addicts that suffer no matter what your problem is The River Source will give you the tools you want and need. You just have to pick them up and use it. Every aspect of the program is so inspiring and every single staff member knows the addict life. They are such amazing people and are always here for you.

Thank you River Source!!


Cameron R