Chad B – June 2010

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A terrifying cocaine addiction brought me here after finally asking for help. My grandparents approached me with a place called the River Source in Mesa, AZ. Immediately I was “in” because I’ve always wanted to come to AZ for a nice vacation. My outlook on my “vacation” was turned around when I completed my first step in group and realized the severity of the issue. I got connected through an employee with an awesome sponsor who took me on the journey through the steps. I was quick to shut my mouth and open my ears to what the employees (who are awesome-ly in recovery) had to say. This was a safe learning environment for me in which I grew more in the last 90 days then I had in the previous 5 years of my life. The counseling was necessary and quite amazing if I must say so myself. Another (what I learned to be a good thing) credit towards the staff and clients was calling me on my crap and digging at me when they could tell something was up. From talking with my parents and seeing them a few times while I’ve been out here, I can tell there is a cohesiveness there that was always lacking, and that’s not them changing, that’s me changing-through the Grace of God. I like what I see inside of myself today. I feel totally content and comfortable meeting new people today. I am honest and responsible today. And most of all, God is in my life today and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you all and I shall see you soon.