Chad S. – Casa Grande, AZ

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I came to The River Source due to my inability to stop drinking or using drugs on my own. I was at a point again that I could have lost everything I had. I had chosen The River Source because it took my insurance and they had a bed. Also my ex brother in law recommended it.

I had a great experience overall at The River Source, was it easy “no”. The staff was very helpful in my stay. I learned a lot about myself and my addictions. I had good and bad days but learned to accept things while here. Looking back on things the staff and The River Source do things a certain way for a reason. I get it now and it does work. I am very happy content and looking forward to my new life and new fellowship as an addict / alcoholic.

I would recommend The River Source to anyone the needs help with recovery and rehab. I enjoyed my time here once I started to think clearly and understand that everything that is done here at The River Source is for a reason. I couldn’t have been sent to a better place. Thank you for everything that was taught to me.