Chad W. – September 2012

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My life had become unmanageable due to my addiction to the point I was starting to lose everything including my freedom but I still wasn’t willing to do ANYTHING to fix my situation. It wasn’t until my daughter walked in on me shooting up in my room. At that point I called River Source and I basically begged them to let me come back and thank GOD they let me because my experience here has been nothing short of a miracle! In the past 22 days I have found courage to face my addiction and to work my steps through my Higher Power and only with this strength is this even possible because all I know how to do is get loaded. Today I am happy regardless of what challenges life throws at me and I am part of an amazing fellowship of many other people with my disease and I can say that I truly believe that coming here to River Source has saved my life! I would recommend this program to ANYONE with any kind of addiction! THIS SAVES LIVES!


Chad W.